Community Cup

A cardboard battleship complete with fighter planes featured during prematch entertainment.

Mark being Mark

Crowds flock to see bands playing throughout the day.

Kids on dugouts.

Yesterday was the Reclink Community Cup at Victoria Park, Collingwood. The sports ground has a long history with the Australian Football League, and was once hosted crowds of thousands of fans cheering the Collingwood Magpies. These days, crowds are typically much smaller, as what some regard as a hallowed field is more often used by dog walkers and local community football. The Community Cup brought about ten thousand people. I only attended for a short period, but it was good to see the old ground flooded with kids, dogs, musicians, and people having fun once again. 

đám giỗ

09 Jun 2017 marks the fourth Lunar Calendar passing of my mum. Not one day passes where I do not miss her. 

These are photos from the Quang Minh Buddhist Temple, Braybrook, where her remains lie. Surrounded in a sea of images of other people who have passed on (including my grandmothers’), I take a portrait of her photo each week.


I haven’t really played with my camera lately - thats not to say I haven’t been taking photos; just not photos for my own fun. Seemingly a few weeks ago - turns out it was a few years, I bought myself a variable ND filter for some film projects overseas. They ended up sitting disused at the bottom of a camera bag. I recently rediscovered it and thought I’d have some fun on this pretty Melbourne day. 

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