The Hills

I love my home, but unfortunately, since moving in two years ago, it hasn’t really loved me. Bethia Cottage has grown a little tired and has truly descended into a mid life crisis. In the past two years, it’s walls have cracked, the wiring has failed, and termites have also decided it would make for a pleasant dwelling. For a building designed as a low income workers cottage 140 years old, it’s doing particularly well. This will be the most love it’s received in quite a while. 

 My partner Jen and I have moved out and the renovation rumble is about to begin. Home is now nestled amongst low lying ferns and high flying eucalyptus trees in the sleepy town of Monbulk. Jen’s childhood home, although completely different to where I grew up in the über suburban Avondale Heights, has the same quite feel. Admittedly, since moving up here, I haven’t spent a lot of time exploring - rather more commuting back to Collingwood and stressing about the renovations.

This morning when I awoke and started with some computer work, I noticed the light from a small window catching the light fittings. I look forward to finding little moments of poetry in this serene new space. 

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