All These Creatures

In late 2017, I received a cold call from film director Charles Williams about a no-budget short he was planning on shooting in Dandenong, an outer suburb of Melbourne. He shot through a script for Bud, and the next week, I was on set shooting stills with an exceptionally dedicated and talented cast and crew.  The script, a magical realist story of an adolescent boy’s memories of his untangling father, was beautiful, poetic, and very relatable. 

A few months passed, and it was announced the film, now called All These Creatures had been selected for the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. Shortly after this, it was announced the film had been awarded the Short Film Palme d’Or. Since then, All These Creatures has been screened across the world and received numerous awards. One of my still images from the film was shortlisted for the 2018 Bowness Photography Prize.

The film has been nominated for the Australian Academy of Cinema Television Arts Short Film of the Decade. Please click here to watch All These Creatures, vote, and to enjoy many other beautiful short films. 

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